Soul Funky Passion, Marco Canevaghi


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Marco Cavenaghi

I have been collecting records since 1969, and at last I have decided to write a book about (some of) the rarest albums of my collection of black music.
Here is a gallery of some rare albums in my collection.

DischiIt was not a dark night, as Snoopy would write, but a cold day in 1969. I was in a small mountain town of northern Italy, where I used to spend my summer holidays, and for some reason I decided to buy a few vinyl albums to play at the local disco. Never would I have imagined that it would be the beginning of what I consider one of the largest record collections in Europe (owned by a private person, not a D.J., a promoter or a person working directly in the music record business or for a radio station.

Actually, I started to buy records in the early1960s, but at that time I did not consider black music at all but preferred 1960 pop and rock singles. However, for your information, that memorable night I bought the world famous “When a Man lLoves a Woman ” by Percy Sledge on Atlantic label, one of the most common, popular and well-known albums in black music history! The second one was an album by Arthur Conley, and the last one… I still don’t know! At the time of writing ,my collection includes almost 80,000 titles (mostly albums and CDs, but also 12”s, tapes and DVDs with live concerts by black artists).
I have some 50,000 vinyl albums bought here and there in the last 43 years and kept with great care.

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